Introduce Your Team, Group, or Event Attendees to an Unforgettable Experience!

Verlocal partners with you or your events coordinator to customize extraordinary experiences that will leave your attendees inspired and revitalized.

We strive to discover and organize, on your behalf, the most interactive and incredible experiences that are intended to stimulate the creative mind and enhance incentive and corporate event programs. From a 3-course, BYOB Thai cooking class in a beautiful church loft to a wilderness survival essentials course in the Santa Cruz mountains, Verlocal provides access to a curated selection of unique experiences with local, passionate experts.

Verlocal’s devoted and brilliant team will analyze and meet all of your needs and wants in order to achieve the goals you have set to accomplish with the event.

Rest assured – you’re in good hands now! We will make sure to exceed your expectations for corporate experiences, large group events, and reward programs for stellar team members!

What’s So Good About Team Experiences?

  • Bonding – Your team members will bond together, making it easier for them to collaborate and work seamlessly with each other in the office.
  • Motivating – You will be able to motivate your team by giving them something to look forward to for all the hard work they put in!
  • Revitalizing – Help your team recover and revitalize by giving them an opportunity on a work day to do something amazing and inspiring!
  • Customizable – Whatever your team is looking for, our talented concierge team and make it happen!

Why Book Experiences with Your Friends?

  • Group Bonding – What better way to bond with your friends than to try an amazing experience that will leave lasting impressions on all of you?
  • Customizable – We understand that not everyone has the same tastes. With help from our concierge team, you can plan an incredible experience that can be catered to the unique tastes of everyone in your group!
  • Discover Together – Discover and explore your city like never before – and have your friends at your side while you do it!
  • Refreshing – If you’re tired of going to the same brunch spots, bars, or clubs with your friends, you came to the right place. Find new ways to expand your and your friends’ horizons through shared experiences!

Let me help you! Contact me at [email protected] to get started on scheduling amazing activities and events tailored to your specific criteria!

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