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It’s time to talk about increasing your revenue and sales by up to 50%!

The Host Onboarding Program has been successfully used by thousands of our hosts to improve their traffic by up to 80 – 100% and increase sales by 50%!

The premise is simple: Verlocal is going to sponsor a discount code between 12 to 20% off so that you can share directly with your biggest fans and new customers.

Because we are doing that, you can offer a listing at a lowered price but earn the same amount of profits.


  • Increase the amount of guests/buyers at no additional cost
  • Distribute discount codes to attract first-time customers
  • Reward loyal customers for returning and/or try a new experiences/goods that you have listed
  • Request a customized button that will fit seamlessly on your website
  • It’s completely FREE!

How it works:
1. Simply send us an email at [email protected] saying, “Sign me up!” and we will walk you through the entire process.
2. We give you a special discount code for up to 20% off!
3. You share the code and links to your Verlocal listings on your website, social media channels, and any other channels you desire to promote your listings

Put an end to worrying about how you can increase your marketability, and become more attractive and visible by joining the Onboarding Program.

Don’t forget to email us at [email protected] to reward your customers and get your sales up now!

Passing the buck, what are some of the effective ways that you have used to boost your sales? Share with other hosts now in the discussion section below.

Also, feel free to also submit ideas or feedback, the Verlocal Host team is here to make sure your listing sales perform exceptionally well.

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