With Oscars round the corner, do you have an actress nominee you are rooting for? These esteemed actresses have not just mastered the craft of acting, some of them are actually great hobbyists. Before they step onto a stage, aren’t your curious what’s these actresses passion off-stage other than acting, if any?

Curious as to what activities keep Meryl cool and contemplative or Emma all charged up? Read on and find your Oscar Nominee Hobby soulmate now.

The Hobbyist of Delights

Winner: Emma Stone, La La Land
Hobby: Baking and Cooking

Image Credits – Business Insider

Continuing the trend that Emma Stone is actually like us mere mortal, baking and cooking is a therapy for her in much of her life. In interviews, she even talked about the possibility of opening establishments of her own. I won’t mind me some Emma’s Cookies or spending my time away in the authentic Emma Stonery Cafe.

Image Credits: Popsugar
Image Credits: Popsugar

Pardon my lack of creativity and turning to you, what other restaurant or cafe names should Emma consider when she starts her own? Keen to follow in her footsteps – check out these cooking and baking classes taught by Michelin Chefs now!

The Artsy Hobbyist

Winner: Natalie Portman, Jackie
Hobby: Dancing, Piano, Ice Skating

Image Credits: Hollywood Reporter

This Harvard University, Golden Globe and Oscar-Winning Actress is no stranger to de-stressing with music and arts. She not only dances, she taps, ballets and jazz. She is also a gifted pianist. You can say that she married her hobby to her work, utilizing those dancing chops in her Oscar-winning role in The Black Swan. She also ice-skates which she picked up during the filming of Beautiful Girls. You don’t have to be a professional to take up these hobbies, nor start it at a young age like Natalie. There are tons of adults jumping into these artistic endeavors. Search for your next dance or music pursuits here.

Image Credits: Dipped In Cream

The Contemplative Hobbyist

Winner: Meryl Streep, Florence Foster Jenkins
Hobby: Knitting (yes, she knitted her own shawl she wore in Doubt)

Image Credits – Daily Beast

The most esteemed actress all of all time, has been knitting for years. In several interviews, general superwoman, Meryl Streep,  turns to knitting in her free time both on and off set.  She explains in several interviews that knitting is such a contemplative activity and helps her to be calm and focused. Like all things she do, her knitting is not just a pastime, she actually wore a shawl she knitted that she wore in the movie, Doubt. Here’s an interview on PBS’s Blank on Blank. It’s time for you to discover knitting’s benefits as well, here’s a few knitting masters waiting to help you out!

Imagecredits: mrsstreep

The Work Hobbyist

Winner: Isabelle Huppert, Elle
Hobby: Acting (duh, she appeared in more than 100 films and television productions).

Image Credits: Pinterest

When you filmed more than 100 films and TV productions, one wonder how you can have time for your own hobby. Isabelle shows us that you can, if your work is your hobby. Sorry for being a captain obvious here, my intense research and lack of fluency in french prevents me from investigative digging into her real hobby. Any diehard Isabelle Huppert fans, please tell me what’s her favourite hobby other than acting. Well, if you are want to have a feel what it’s like to fall in love with acting, here‘s a few experiences that will help you along.

Image Credits: Sony Music Pictures

The Non-Hobbyist

(Also known as, “Ain’t, nobody got time for that!”)

Winner: Ruth Negga, Loving
Hobby: Disliking Hobby, Prefers to Travel.

Image Credits: Fergal Phillips.

In an interview she gave to Vogue, Ruth said, “I don’t like hobbies… I read and travel and see friends before they disown me.” We all know what it feels like when all the time in the world is not enough for us to develop a hobby. That’s totally fine. Exploring, acquiring new knowledge and understanding the world we live in through lived experiences will do as well. I guess the majority of us are like Ruth in some way. However, when we travel, we don’t really have to explore foreign lands. Instead, how about a trip to rediscover your very own city? TBH, how many of us really know our own city and all of its crooks and nary? Meet new people and explore your city today and go local is the next traveling activity you can consider.

So, with that all said, who is your Hobby Soulmate amongst the Oscar Best Actress Nominees and why? Also, who do you think will win the Oscar on Sunday?

Share your thoughts below and let me know if you’d like more content like this.

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