The magic of Paella : Online AND hands on cooking class

San Francisco, CA , United States

About Your Host

I am unusually driven, passionate about food and excited about the endless opportunities to be creative and excel. Originally from Argentina, with its own special mix of cultures, I have lived in Los Angeles for the past 35 years, where I have been exposed to its rich diversity of cuisines. This wide range of experiences influences and informs my food on a daily basis, enabling me to borrow ingredients and techniques from one another whenever appropriate. I am equally at ease preparing a sophisticated duck breast with a reduction sauce or a rustic dish such as shepherd’s pie. I prepare both with the same attention to detail and respect for the ingredients. This attitude also guides my teaching. The intention is to teach fundamentals so my students can take their cooking to a higher level rather than learning a particular recipe.

What we'll do

Join Chef Daniel Morduchowicz online as he teaches how to prepare a seafood paella and cook together with him at home. The class will take place via Zoom, and you will have the opportunity to participate just as if it was in person. Paella is not difficult to make and contrary to popular belief, it only takes about an hour total! Besides, you do not need to purchase any specialized equipment: just a cutting board, a knife and a flat skillet - items available in most homes. A few days before the class you will receive a list of ingredients (with possible substitutions, given the times that we are living.) Chef Daniel will provide a link to the recipes taught in this class in advance so you can be well prepared! Paella is a saffron flavored rice dish that can be prepared pescatarian, vegetarian or with meats. During this class we will be preparing a seafood paella, but Chef Daniel will talk about how to adapt it if you prefer the other two. NOTE: We know that in these times some ingredients might be difficult to find - but don't worry: Chef Daniel will give you suggestions for substitutions if you request before the class.



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    $35 USD

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    $35 USD

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